Placenta Services

Placenta Encapsulation Services:

La Doula Vida Basic Encapsulation

​*$250.00 + Tax


  • ​Free In-person or phone consultation

  • Raw or Steamed method placenta preparation

  • ​Your Placenta Capsules

  • ​Unlimited emotional & informational support

  • Optional umbilical cord keepsake

  • ​Picture of your placenta (texted)

Featured Add-Ons:

Placenta Tincture: $40.00 + Tax

A liquid extract of your placenta; using the finest pear/apple brandy. Your tincture does NOT expire!

​The alcohol in your tincture acts as a solvent & extracts or pulls out the medicinal qualities of your placenta into the liquid.

Basic Placenta Print: $15.00 + Tax

The median used for this print is the blood from your placenta. Unique works of art that look beautifully framed.

Color Painted Placenta Print: $25.00+ Tax

Honor your placenta with fun creativity! Choose your color combination. All colors are safe for consumption food grade dyes.

If you're more interested in booking placenta services, please read through the information packet below and sign the written agreements, then complete the booking form below so I can get you on my calendar and be available for pickup. I will set up the initial consult with you I'm not already your doula, and we can go over any questions you have on placenta services and such at your convenience.