Combination Doula Care

Our Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery and Postpartum Package includes:

* One complimentary consultation to meet in person or virtually to see if we are a good fit for each other.

* Continuous contact throughout your pregnancy so you can make informed decisions by weighing risks, benefits and alternatives.

*Prenatal home care at your residence starting at 20+ weeks to discuss your birth plan and explore options before going into labor and more (Normally, we either plan a 20 Week visit or 32 week visit)

* Starting at 37-40 weeks 24/7 on-call availability via phone, text and email available.

* Discuss signs of labor & what to expect during labor/birth

*Discuss options for pain management

* Labor support & up to 1 hour postpartum support in the hospital or home

* 1 hour lactation support is available if you are seeking to breastfeed. (Additional hours are available at a rate of $25/hourly for a minimum of 3 hours)


  • Postpartum visit (either virtual or in person) in one week of birth to check in (or within the first 6 weeks), and see how you and baby are doing. During the visit we will go over questions/concerns.