Combination Doula Care

Our Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery and Postpartum Package includes:

* One complimentary consultation to meet in person or virtually to see if we are a good fit for each other.

* Continuous contact throughout your pregnancy so you can make informed decisions by weighing risks, benefits and alternatives.

*2 Prenatal visits in your home starting at 12+ weeks to discuss your birth plan and explore options before going into labor and more (Normally, we can do a 20 Week visit and 32 week visit)

* Starting at 37-40 weeks 24/7 on-call availability via phone, text and email available.

* Discuss signs of labor & what to expect during labor/birth

*Discuss options for pain management

* Labor support (no max time) & up to 1 hour postpartum support in the hospital or home

* 1 hour lactation support is available if you are seeking to breastfeed. (Additional hours are available at a rate of $25/hourly for a minimum of 3 hours)


* Three (3) postpartum visits (either virtual or in person) in one week of birth to check in, and see how you and baby are doing. During the visit we will go over questions/concerns.