La Doula Vida

Birthing Services LLC

Helping South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska mothers have physically empowering pregnancies, childbirth and postpartum recovery. La Doula Vida uses the three critical elements of physical empowerment to achieve that: Holistic self-care, movement and awareness.

Why Choose La Doula Vida?

The name of "La Doula Vida" comes from "Pura Vida", meaning a relaxed attitude towards life, including its ups and downs, and an easy-going nature. With the help of a doula, this is the type of approach we would like all mums to have during the pregnancy and birthing process, as well as during parenthood.

One of the foundations of La Doula Vida is following the mindfulness values provided by Midwife, Nancy Bardacke, who wrote "Mindful Birthing". Your doula will provide training and practice in the use of mindfulness not only during pregnancy and labor/delivery, but also in your transition to parenthood. Both mums and dads can benefit from mindfulness, and there is also research showing that mindfulness can maintain a healthy relationship for parents as well.